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Published in conjunction with the School of Sustainability and the Environmental Humanities Initiative at Arizona State University, books in the New Directions in Sustainability and Society series illustrate that interest in the intersection of sustainability and society only increases as the effects of human-caused environmental change become more obvious in catastrophic flooding, heat, wildfires, and species extinctions. There is a growing awareness, in academia and in the public at large that ideas about sustainability and sustainability education should not be generated exclusively in the domains of science and technology. At the highest levels of the science world, including the United Nation’s science platform, Future Earth, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, there is a new openness, to the contributions of the human sciences (defined inclusively as literary studies, philosophy, classics, archaeology, history and the social sciences) to critical conversations about the design of just and sustainability societies/futures.

Because of this broadening interest, and since the environmental crisis is anthropogenic in origin, books in the series explore not only the techno-scientific ability of humans to solve the problems they have created, but their moral responsibility to do so. Series editors are committed to publishing books that appeal to scholars and a growing general public interested in the ways that the profound and complex challenges that face humanity require concerted collaboration across the boundaries of states, societies, and cultures.

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