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The editors welcome appropriate proposals, especially those that contribute to the sustainability themes.

Format for proposals

  • 1,000-1,500 word description of the proposed seminar

This description will be enlarged as the first chapter of the intended volume to be produced subsequent to the seminar.

  • list of (ideally) 10 participants and abstracts of their contributions/essays

Essays for the seminar should be about 5,000 words. One of the seminar participants and/or the seminar organizer(s) will write a concluding chapter synthesizing the chapters and discussions of the seminar.

  • description of how the seminar may lead to “action”/policy recommendation
  • description of stakeholders who may be invited to the seminar
  • proposed date for the seminar

Most seminars will typically take place for 4-5 days at the Amerind Foundation.

Proposal process

  1. The proposal will be evaluated by the editorial board of the series and, as appropriate, by members of the advisory board or outside reviewers.
  2. Written comments/critiques from all reviewers will be sent to the proposer(s) of the seminar who will then respond to the comments.
  3. Successful applicants will be informed, and seminar logistics arranged by School of Sustainability and Amerind Foundation staff.
  4. A contract will be issued by Cambridge University Press to the seminar organizer(s).
  5. The seminar organizer(s) will collect revised and enlarged chapters from the participants and submit these to the editorial board.
  6. One or more readers will then review the volume and convey comments to the volume editors.
  7. When these comments have been considered by the volume editors and a revised text is submitted to the series editors, the full manuscript will be sent to Cambridge University Press for production.

To submit a proposal, contact: Joni Adamson