Meet the Editors

Christopher Boone
Senior Sustainability Scientist, Global Institute of     Sustainability, Arizona State University
Interim Dean, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Professor, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University

Dr. Boone studies the nature of cities, urban life, and the relationship between cities and the natural environment. He is particularly interested in the processes responsible for changes in the urban landscape, and the consequences of those changes for human beings and the environment. Three themes infuse his research: sustainability, environmental justice, and vulnerability. He is the co-author of City and Environment (2006) and Urbanization and Sustainability: Linking Ecology, Global Environmental Change, and Environmental Justice (2012). Dr. Boone teaches courses on urban environments, environmental justice, sustainable urbanism, and environmental health.

Norman Yoffee
Professor Emeritus, Departments of Anthropology and Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan
Adjunct Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Adjunct Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of New Mexico
Senior Fellow, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University
Editor, Cambridge World Archaeology

Dr. Yoffee’s expertise lies in archaeology and anthropology. He studies ancient Mesopotamia, particularly in the Old Babylonian period, and also social evolutionary theory, comparing the rise and fall of ancient cities and states. Recent publications include Myths of the Archaic State: Evolution of the Earliest Cities, States, and Civilizations (2005) and Questioning Collapse: Human Resilience, Ecological Vulnerability, and the Aftermath of Empire (co-edited with P. McAnany, 2010)

Editorial board:

Christopher Boone (Arizona State University)

Norman Yoffee (Amerind Foundation)

Katrina Brown (Exeter)

Steward Picket (Cary Institute)

Stephanie Pincetl (UCLA)

Vernon Scarborough (Cincinnati)

Karen Seto (Yale)

Dan Shilling (Amerind Foundation)

William Solecki (Hunter)

Kazuhiko Takeuchi (Tokyo)

Billie Lee Turner (Arizona State)

Sander van der Leeuw (Arizona State University)

John Ware (Amerind Foundation)

Richard Wilk (Indiana University)