Knowledge to Action

New Directions in Sustainability and Society is a book series based on seminars organized by Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability and the Amerind Foundation, Dragoon, Arizona. The volumes will be published by Cambridge University Press.

These seminars will attract many experts from various domains in the field of sustainability and will explore selected facets of sustainability—ecology, politics, philosophy, art, justice, vulnerability, and long-term perspectives.

The seminar papers will then be compiled into a volume in New Directions in Sustainability and Society. The book series and the seminars will bring together multiple stakeholders from across a diverse range of sciences and humanities, linking researchers with practitioners. The goal of these conferences is not simply to gather academics, but to consider how knowledge can lead to action.

About the School of Sustainability

The School of Sustainability at Arizona State University was the first academic institution to offer degrees in sustainability. It initiates and participates in large research projects with local, state, national, and international entities.

About the Amerind Foundation

The Amerind Foundation hosts annual conferences and seminars on its campus, providing superb facilities for retreats in which scholars and stakeholders meet for intensive discussions on a variety of archaeological, anthropological, and historical subjects.