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About the Environmental Humanities Initiative

Networked through the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, the EHI seeks to facilitate broad participation of faculty, research scholars, and students from across the disciplines. We are exploring questions about what it means to be human amongst other species and how humans define and achieve equitable distribution of environmental goods and well-being. Environmental humanists explore how we define our obligations to future generations of (human and nonhuman) life on the planet.

About the School of Sustainability

The School of Sustainability at Arizona State University was the first academic institution to offer degrees in sustainability. It initiates and participates in large research projects with local, state, national, and international entities.

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About the Amerind Foundation

The Amerind Foundation hosts annual conferences and seminars on its campus, providing superb facilities for retreats in which scholars and stakeholders meet for intensive discussions on a variety of archaeological, anthropological, and historical subjects.

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